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The best morning this week

As I gazed into the corner I could see a bunch of empty seats and was glad to run my numbers and decide which seat I’ll go for. Then I carried out my generic perimeter check to make sure I am in the right spot, whipped out my book and had one of the best 40 minutes of morning reading session. Continue reading

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Morning Niravana? My foot.

The train stopped, an acquaintance of my next seat passengers arrived and I knew it was not a good sign. “Oh fuck”, I exclaimed in my mind and then it took them just 10 minutes to knock me out of the morning nirvana. Continue reading

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Reading on the train

I just love those 40 minutes that I have started calling my “Activation Minutes”, because that is the time when I learn something new as I start my day. And you never forget the first best thing you do in the morning for whole day. Continue reading

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Noisy, yet ok

Ahh…yet another day. But, this time it’s the journey back to home. It’s actually not that bothering as much as it does in the morning. In the morning I’m in the snooze mode and hate any kind of high pitch sqeals that is audible from every corner of this train car. Continue reading

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The Freaky Ride

I am not generally a guy who writes too much about the things going around. But there are days when people f**k the crap out of your mind and then you decide to yell back at them. Well, probably not directly back on them but by being in a little bubble of your own, your own comfort shell to yell out. Today is one of those days when my tolerance levels were tested and unfortunately they really topped out. Continue reading

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