The Freaky Ride

I am not generally a guy who writes too much about the things going around. But there are days when people f**k the crap out of your mind and then you decide to yell back at them. Well, probably not directly back on them but by being in a little bubble of your own, your own comfort shell to yell out. Today is one of those days when my tolerance levels were tested and unfortunately they really topped out.

I commute to my office everyday on this green train that we they call the “GO Train” in Toronto. It is nearly a 40 minutes journey and generally a relaxing one…untill the day my office hours changed. I was now supposed to catch the train that leaves 30 minutes. No problems with that. When you are a regular commuter you have a tendency to board a certain compartment/car of the train. It might be just the one closest to the parking lot, the one with your friends, the one near the exit subway or just a random car that you have boarded few times and became faithful to it. Following a similar pattern I used to board the third car from the front.

It all went normal for the first few days but then it started to get shitty. One day I boarded the train and to my horror it sounded like a Stock exchange with people yelling, laughing and talking on  the top of their voices. Now, I am guy who want a quite morning to get into my active mode. And all this were like the best constituents to a worst morning. I saw few women having the usual “Oh my god” gossip with occasional bursts of monstrous laughs. And, then there was this gang of 4+ women who have occupied to sets of seats across the aisle. They were the ones who really freaked me out. With all kinds of voice bands in their group, the different levels of pitches and acting like total ………freaks (I know what word you were thinking).

I took out the book that I am reading these days, anticipating a good dose of entrepreneurial lessons and some key points to Action steps methodology. F**k the lesson, I could not even complete a paragraph properly that day. The constant chirping….no not chirping…constant blabbering acted like a big hammer, hammering my brain every second of my ride that day. “Blah blah blah…hahahaha…blah blah..hahahahaha” was the tune to which the hammer danced for those 40 excruciating minutes. Fortunately enough for them I am a quite guy and that too in a civilized city. For once, I wished I was in Afghanistan for I would have shot those women in the middle of their head for their irritating talks and sounds. But, I thought it’s just me. Everyone were normal as if there was nothing new that day.’s probably just me. “Damn you…why you need a quite morning to begin your day?”, I yelled inside my head.

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