Noisy, yet ok

Ahh…yet another day. But, this time it’s the journey back to home. It’s actually not that bothering as much as it does in the morning. In the morning I’m in the snooze mode and hate any kind of high pitch sqeals that is audible from every corner of this train car.

The woman right next to me seems to be Ukranian, though I can’t understand a damn single word that she is hurling at someone on her phone. But still I am enjoying it. It’s quite surprising how you can get an idea of what people are talking by just observing the fluctuations in their voice, the hand gestures and face expressions though the major contributor is the voice itself. I am actually enjoying this.

Just behind me there seems to be an ‘Oh My God’ gang. But, again nothing beats those women in the morning. Yeah, I am starting to understand that talks are imperative when you are with your gang but again I prefer the decibals of certain low values. It takes quite a while for me to get in my active mode in the morning which is why I can’t tolerate noise then.

Anyways, the lady next to me is still talking away to glory and I am going to enjoy it till my stop which is one after the next one.

C ya.

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