Reading on the train

I am 28 nearing 29 in a couple of months and I am some times disappointed that I didn’t started reading early in my life. I found my this new love of reading since I moved to my new apartment near Toronto. I am an internet addict and I NEED to be online to have the feeling of a complete day. But, as soon as I moved to my new apartment I had to wait to get the internet connection and believe you me they were the most painful days to pass…until I thought of “How about reading books while I wait for the internet?”.

And, since that day I have not stopped reading. One of the most aspects of my daily train to office is reading my favorite book. I have an internet connection at home and moreover the schedule is getting busier day by day. The only sacred time I have to read my book are those 40 minutes in the train. It is sort of refreshing, relaxing and definitely a good note to start your day on. I love Leadership, Innovation and Business books. And every morning those 40 minutes charge me up to take on the daily challenges of my work.

I have seen people reading various kinds of books and realized more than a book it is a way of starting their busy hectic work day. You connect yourself with a story, an incident, a dialog, a point worth remembering and then live up your day thinking of that one good thing you did in the morning. It makes you a better person, regardless of what you are reading. I just love those 40 minutes that I have started calling my “Activation Minutes”, because that is the time when I learn something new as I start my day. And you never forget the first best thing you do in the morning for whole day. Isn’t it?

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