Morning Niravana? My foot.

What began as a quite ride took just one station stop to screw up and contributed to my another cribbing session in the train.

I was very happy when everything was so quite as I boarded my train. I waited for two minutes to make sure it was going to be really quite. After making all the prerequisite checks I started reading the much anticipated chapter of my current read. The train stopped, an acquaintance of my next seat passengers arrived and I knew it was not a good sign. “Oh fuck”, I exclaimed in my mind and then it took them just 10 minutes to knock me out of the morning nirvana. I struggled hard to concentrate on the could-have-been-the-best-para-this-morning but my senses gave up. I shut my book in anger and whipped out my iPod. I blasted out my favorite album at nearly full volume and felt a bit better cutting out that morning conference.

It started with a discussion about a women being left by a guy. She was anticipating a marriage proposal from that guy but he left her for….I didn’t get that part. I was quite ok with that talk. Shit happens in life. Has happened with me. But, then after sometime then whole discussion took a different turn and the guy started talking about stuff that started irritating me. In no time I could see him getting into the animation mode and he started throwing all sorts of hands signs in the air while he was telling some story. I had already started listening to my iPod. So, I missed out what he was doing but I saw some other passengers too starting to get irritated. Getting knocked off my quite morning mode, I took off from the seat and came near the exit and waited for the train to stop as it neared my station.

Yesterday, I decide I will take up the corner most seat, which I have observed to be the quietest location in the train coach. But, today I was like “I’ll give it one more shot” and took up my regular spot. But, after the morning frustration session today, I AM going for the corner seat from tomorrow. I would better be cornered than conquered by those early morning train talks. Good bye talkers!!!

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