The best morning this week

Finally !!! Finally after 3 days I was able to find a seat where I could let me morning thoughts churn out the creative juices for the rest of the day. As I boarded the train, I recalled the horror of last 3 noisy morning. I knew I had to get a seat in the corner section. Most interesting part is it is not the priority of any passenger to get those seats. Everyone aims for the mainstream slots.

As I gazed into the corner I could see a bunch of empty seats and was glad to run my numbers and decide which seat I’ll go for. Then I carried out my generic perimeter check to make sure I am in the right spot, whipped out my book and had one of the best 40 minutes of morning reading session. The train stopped at the next station, people boarded the train and turned their back on me while rushing towards their “preferred” section. I had this sweet smile on my face knowing that I am in for a quite ride. Even though a pretty looking woman in a pretty attractive (read short) dress came and sat in front of me, I was in no mood to ruin my morning trance I was in. I blasted out one completed chapter in 40 minutes straight.

This is undoubtedly the best morning I had this week. I came to my office with the utmost satisfaction, with clear & sane thoughts flowing. It is always satisfying to get what you want, be it that big job you always wanted or the quite morning train ride to office.

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